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Blogathon 2008 charity auctions!

Okay, since a lot of you are commenting in scattered places that you'd like to donate jewelry/knitty things/books to be auctioned during Blogathon next year... here's a poll so I can keep this all together! Please help me stay organized! :)

Here's what I'd like to donate!

Thank you so much! :) The auctions went really well this year, generating about $200 for BARCC so far. I think I can do better next year. Notes for next year:

* Start auctions 7 days before Blogathon, timed to end during Blogathon or the day after.
* Highlight an auction or two a day leading up to Blogathon
* Post pictures of items during Blogathon.

I took on a lot of extra stuff this year, between the auctions and the Team Venture gathering. I think next year I need an assistant. :)

Ideas for Team Venture support, since I'm here:

* Assign support staff shifts, so they don't wear out as we do.
* Give them some concrete jobs, i.e. "make sure your blogger is hydrated".
* Make a non-blogger the Official Photographer! There aren't many pictures. Because, y'know ,I was spending most of the time typing.

Ideas in general:

* Group theme posts scattered through the night - assign a common topic every few hours. Or have Team Venture bloggers blog as each other.
* Raffles for donated items - hit up local businesses for donations!

And I have more thoughts that I've totally forgotten.
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