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Picture(s) of the Day

The belated set of auctions is up! These necklaces are both by the wonderful thisdaydreamer. Both starting at just $9.99! *tempt* *tempt*

Click here to shop!

This beautiful choker is made of roughly-faceted oval amethyst beads and Thai Hill Tribe silver beads. Hill Tribe silver is not sterling - it's fine silver (more silver content than sterling). The detail on the leaves is so delicate and lovely. Wish I could keep this one! Whoever gets it will be thrilled.

This necklace has a cloisonné centerpiece, plus Swarovski crystal, Czech firepolish, copper, copper and silver, freshwater pearl, sunstone, and sterling silver beads. I think that's everything! It has such a lovely warm feel to it.
The centerpiece is so distinctive - great for cat lovers. :)

And with that, I shall stop posting multiple pics-a-day without cut-tags. Just - the auction thing's important to me.
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