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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to crystalsage and mr_wombat!

Hello to new reader mghicks!

I'm breathing more easily today. Go me! I'm not improved enough to be running around in town, though, so no Diesel for me tonight.

With that batch of auctions concluded, and thanks to new sponsors agaran and fmi_agent, I'm at $3,301.95!

Now here's the thing - last year, my grand total was $3,434.00. I would really like to beat that record. I think that's doable.

My goal is $3,500. I need to raise $200 today to hit it.

Remember, you can pledge now and pay on your August paycheck!

And small stuff adds up. This would only take 20 of you pledging $10 each. Or 10 pledging $20. That's not so much.

This is the last day you can sponsor. Make the most of it!

Adam's mom is visiting next Friday (8/10) through Sunday (8/12); I'm going to Florida the following Monday-Saturday (8/13-8/18). If you had anything time requests for me, well, mind the gap!

I'd like to have a back-to-school gathering for the local kids - Elayna's neighborhood friends, plus ian_gunn and gardenfey's kids, feste_sylvain and tamidon's kids, et cetera... if you have a higher-elementary- or middle-school-age kid, let's talk.

Link Soup
* Google Transit! "Create your own transit trip, complete with itineraries and maps" They don't have MBTA on there yet. I eagerly await this.
* "Galaxiki is a fictional online galaxy created, maintained and owned by its community. Membership is free - sign up now to become a "Galaxician" and start editing stars, planets and moons, or get your own personal solar system."
* Lego salt & pepper shakers!
* Remember Hypercolor? This is like that, but for shower tiles. Shiny!
* Pure white peacock!
* First poster of the Burton/Depp Sweeney Todd movie.

Daily Science
Fun with paper chromatography! persis, ian_gunn, this is a great idea for our Hands-On Science panel next year. *files away*

Daily Scent-Stuff
Still too snuffly to smell. Which is frustrating, since my Switch Witch sent me a bunch of imps on Saturday!

BPAL and other scent fiends - please check out my swap/sale post! I'll be going to the post office on Thursday to mail the first batch of auction stuffs; I may as well bring some BPAL. :)

Mostly just rest. I want to put a dent in my magazine stacks - that involves rest. And I need to clean up in my office, as it's currently cluttered to the point of unusability, as is often the case post-gathering; everything from the public areas gets stuffed in there. *sigh* With the state of my body, and with Adam's mom coming, I'm actually pondering hiring someone to help me clean.
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