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Picture(s) of the Day

How do I post pictures side-by-side, to take up less room? I'll edit this post to do so soon as someone tells me how.

All of these are up for auction to benefit the Rape Crisis Center, as part of my Blogathon. To bid, click here!

Wearable Sculpture

"Tiger in Disguise" - tiger iron and quartz, wrapped in silver.
SOLD for $27!

"Fairy Explosion #26" - firepolished glass and copper wire.
SOLD for $31!

The pictures are gorgeous, but nothin' compared to the real thing. I lifted these out of the box and gasped... :)

Umbrella/Parasol by Spooky - SOLD for $19.49!
Handcrafted by the astonishing elionwyr for the faeries at her haunt. More details at the auction. Think you don't need a parasol? You so do. Think of the costuming uses! Think of the beauty! Think of the protection from skin cancer!

Book by just_the_ash

A book of just_the_ash's lovely poetry (she also includes poems in BPAL swaps, is how I know it's lovely)! Signed to you by the author.
SOLD for $9.99!

Paintings by Charity Larrison
These paintings are by charitypomaybo, artist of the breathtakingly, unearthly lovely webcominc Busted Wonder, among other things. (Seriously, go check it out. It's marvelous.) She usually draws digitally; these are watercolors, but they retain the same aesthetic, and the same vivid use of color. I'll highlight my favorite first.

SOLD for $28.50!

SOLD for $9.99!

SOLD for $9.99!

SOLD for $9.99!

To the artists/writers who donated stuff - thank you so much!

I'm going to be more aggressive about soliciting donations next year - as in, actually contacting people directly instead of posting "Hey, I wanna do auctions, anyone got stuff?" I had several artists say "Oh, if I'd realized, I'd've donated!" So yeah. Next year! Also next year, these'll by seven-day auctions.

Ancora Imparo - I am still learning. This was my first year doing auctions. I think it's a good complement to the main 'thon. I think I need someone not-me to help me out with it and other not-writing aspects of Blogathon next year! I'm working on a "what I've learned" post.
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