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Happy birthday to cmpriest!

Hello to new readers blackiceburn, crusttaker, delerone,domani, hmark42, puffdoggydaddy, surreal_rebirth, and cucumberseed!

Storm + bursitis = real difficulty making it down the stairs today. That plus the sleep-dep throwing my body even further off plumb than normal, plus this vicious cold... yeah. This will be a day of tucking myself into bed with a good book.

Adam, last night: "I noticed you don't have anything on the calendar for Monday or Tuesday. Good."
Me: "Well, yeah. I'm not that crazy."

In other news, the snot goblins are migrating to my chest.

EDIT: And I am not, in any way, up to visitors... the snot goblins are viciously blocking my head and pounding on my chest, so I can't breathe and can't speak very well/much, I'm tired, I'm not up to navigating the stairs, I'm naked with no plans to change that, and I've just spent a very long time in constant active content with a lot of other people. I shall have to nurse myself back to health, but I thank you for the offers.

Thanks to kahoki, we're up to $3,050!

So that was Blogathon! Now that you know what a crazy endurance slog it was, don't you want to give my charity some money? Click here to sponsor me!

Some FAQ answers:

* How long to I have to sponsor you? Sponsor signups end Tuesday night.

* What if I don't want to register at the site? Registration is free! But if you really don't want to register, you can PayPal me at shadesong AT Please make sure to put BLOGATHON in the subject line.

* What if I don't have a credit/debit card? You can mail me a check. Please make it out to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and contact me at the aforementioned e-mail for my address. (I'm sorry I didn't think to mention this earlier!)

* Okay,I sponsored you! How do I get the money to BARCC? You'll get an e-mail, hypothetically Tuesday night, with a link to the BARCC's donation page. Which is here,if you don't want to wait. They know about the Blogathon, so please write "Blogathon" in the dedication field. No need to write my name, and I'd rather you didn't write "Shadesong" - you can write my legal name, if you'd like. Yeah, some of them know about my LJ, but there's no reason for the whole center to know. :)

* What happened to the webcam? We didn't have a stationary computer with a wireless card, and there's no phone jack in the only room we reasonably could've used for it, so we couldn't have plugged the router in there.

* What do sponsors get in return? The satisfaction of knowing that they have Done Good. Also, a thing I kept forgetting to mention during the 'thon - people who donate $50 or more get a free Balance Card draw from haikujaguar.
From me... I have no exclusive storybits to send. :( I can send you all free Shayara bookmarks and/or MOOcards when we get them made! Otherwise, you will get the Shayara Primer, just like last year's sponsors, when Mouse and I finish it, which should be soon, as the end bit is the story that launches the webcomic.
I would like to do something very special for people who pledged $100 and up, but I have no idea what!

Blogathon Auctions

This - an amazing piece by azhure - ends first, in two hours.

EDIT: Sold! For $46!

Pics of the other wonderful things will be in my "Picture of the Day" posts. But those who like the twisted-silver-wire jewery I've been wearing ought to hie thee over - there's stuff from the creator (kythryne of Wearable Sculpture) over there, a pendant and a bracelet, still quite affordable.

Click here and go shopping!

And if you don't win your action but still want to donate, please do!

We were late getting thisdaydreamer's stuff up, so it won't end up in Blogathon's official tally, but it'll still count. Look for that to go up soon.

Link Soup
* t brought us Swedish meatballs, Billy bookshelves and endless queues on the London North Circular on Saturday afternoons. Now Ikea is going one step further and opening the Ikea Hostel, where customers can stay overnight if they haven't finished their shopping.

Later this month, Ikea Norway will let shoppers sleep overnight in one of its two Oslo warehouses, an operation that will last a week. "It will be like an alternative hostel," said company spokesman Frode Ullebust.

"There will be the regular dormitory with lots of beds stacked up together. We will also have a bridal suite, with a round bed and a hanging chandelier, and the luxury suite, where customers can enjoy breakfast in bed," he said. Family rooms will also be available for parents and children to join into the Ikea fun. None of the guests will be charged for their stay.</i>

* I know Adam is going to view this pizza as A Challenge.

Daily Science
If you've been reading that fascinating graphic novel, Y: The Last Man(amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), you know the premise: a mysterious disease has swept over the planet and bloodily killed every male mammal except two, a human named Yorick and a monkey named Ampersand. Substantial parts of it are biologically nearly impossible: the wide cross-species susceptibility, the near instantaneous lethality, and the simultaneity of its effect everywhere (there are also all kinds of weird correlations with other sort of magical putative causes, which may be red herrings). On the other hand, the sociological part of the story seems very plausible. There is no feminist utopia, the world goes on in a traumatized and rather complicated way, and the reactions everywhere vary from crazed euphoria to a more common despair. One thing that isn't at all implausible, and actually has been observed, is a plague that selectively exterminates males.

No daily scent-stuff today, as my nose is clogged.

Plans? What plans? I'm spending most of today flat on my back. Tomorrow, maybe I'll hit a movie. Nothing on my schedule til Wednesday night.
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