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...aaaand we're back.

Thanks to yudinsoha and happypete for making that a nice even $3,000!

And yeah, I just woke up. Another lovely bout of sex to tuck me in, a Lunesta, and I slept like the dead til almost 5.

Healthwise, my cold is in full bloom, with my head stuffed and nose fountainy; I have a cough and sore throat, and the cold's making tentative forays into my chest. Which usually turns into bronchitis, but that's okay, because I have a doctor who won't fight with me about self-diagnosis of Stuff What Happens All The Time. "You always gets bronchitis? Well, you know your body!" *listens to chest* "Yeah, that's probably bronchitis. Here's your antibiotic." And the plantar fasciitis is being evil; I'm hobbling because my feet won't flex.

Emotionally? I feel fantastic. :)

My content wasn't up to snuff this year, for the most part, but dude, you should see me hobbling around with this cold. I clog worse when I sit, so I had to get up and walk around to drain the mucus every few minutes. Blech.

Which was your favorite entry?

And I am going to ask you a favor. boutell made a movie in 24 hours for his Blogathon project! Please watch it and rate it, things draw more eyes there if they're rated by multiple people!

I'm going to go get caught up on everyone else's 'thon stuff now. :)
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