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Team Venture, signing off!

This has been Blogathon 2007. Thanks to you, we've raised $2,956.69 so far for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (thanks, sbisson and coffeehouse)! Dude, you rock! It's not too late to sponsor me - click here to sponsor me!

My most heartfelt thanks to all of my sponsors, to the people who donated nifty stuff to be auctioned, to the people who stayed up with us all night... you are making something wonderful happen!

And I salute the rest of Team Venture, and all of my other fellow Blogathonners. You guys persevered in the face of mental and physical exhaustion, and you did an amazing job. I am so excited for all of you, and for all of your charities!

And with that, I'm out, off to fall into bed for a good long while. This has been Blogathon 2007. Check out the Blogathonners I've highlighted, see how much they rocked this, and sponsor themif you can!

G'night, all!


Sponsor me!

I'm auctioning off exquisite jewelry, art, et cetera to benefit BARCC - click here to go shopping!

And click here to bid on awesome photos!
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