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I asked Team Venture what I should post about. Their suggestions:

* quail
* porn
* MechaPenguin vs. Godzilla
* porn
* Snape
* porn
* monkeys, with three counterexamples
* expansion monkeys vs. linear monkeys
* exponential monkeys vs. linear monkeys
* expansionist monkeys vs.imperialist monkeys
* Australian monkeys
* porn
* monkey monkey monkey monkey!
* monkeys = food? monkeys !=food?
* sporks
* macguffins
* porn

wired_lizard is now naked.

slipjigand pseydtonne, too.

And basically... the combination of hand pain and congestion that does not let me sit for more than a sentence at a time = no writerbrain. So it's basically a miracle that I'm still awake at all, and I'm just going to concentrate on staying awake and doing minimal typing.


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