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For the website.

[Image: The Library, an imposing edifice, all columns and might! Architectural stuff mostly free to be designed by Mouse, but it must have steps leading up to the main entrance,and it must have a widow's walk; this is where Donna holds her teas.]

[Basement: Not currently clickable.
First Floor: House Tarak and Donna
Second Floor: The Library: Books
Third Floor: Not currently clickable]

First Floor:
House Tarak:
Kithraya: Donna ni'Tarak
House Color: Brown

Traditional Gift: The Taraki have an unusual sort of telepathy. They're able to tell not what you're thinking, but who you've been. They can trace your incarnations back to the very beginning, before the existence of Shayara. This makes them the most dangerous House to the current regime (after, of course, House Tamra... which, since the Purges, is no longer a concern). The stronger Taraki, particularly Donna, would be able to tell for certain whether Alanna is, in fact, the true Lishaya reborn. Donna has been known to wonder aloud, pointedly, what they're so worried about. The nature of their gift has made the Taraki the traditional lorekeepers of Dasaroi society; indeed, the stronghold of House Tarak is in the city's library.
Appearance: As House Tarak was not one of the original Great Houses, their physical type is not as well defined as that of the other Houses. Taraki tend toward a more quiet beauty, one that can fade into the woodwork and observe; they tend to be slim, graceful brunettes, brown- or grey-eyed.

[Image: Color portrait of Donna]
Donna: Donna is the Kithraya of House Tarak, as was her grandmother before her - the lines of descent of House Tarak are the clearest of any House. She became Kithraya in the years shortly after the false council took over Shayara, and has been quietly sowing dissent for most of her life. She is one of the oldest members of the true Talthar Kithrayna and, until recently, took the lead in many of the proceedings thereof. She has been succeeded in this position by Kieran, who she helped raise after the death of his mother.

Second Floor:
The Library
[Image: bookshelves. Random books within are clickable - a few at first, and we'll add more as we go.]
[Topics: History, Language, etc.]


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