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He focuses intently, utterly. I can do this. I can do this without losing it.

Air wants to be on fire. At least, around him it does. It's like all he has to do is give it permission, call it into his hand...

...but the thing is that it wants to stay on fire...

So. Control.

He holds it in his hand, feeling it ignite... and he calms it, sends it back to quiescence.



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I can't sit for more than a minute or two without being utterly undone by snot goblins. Which is making the body painting go very slowly. Thank goodness marmota is patient!

I'm pondering going to nonfic or really freakin' brief posts, as my hand and wrist are starting to twinge.
Tags: blogathon.2007, shayara, shayara.napalm
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