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Tater Tots

Napalm perched a tater tot on his fingertips, eying it skeptically. "So what exactly is a tater tot?"

Johnathan gave him a faint look of disbelief. "You know what a tater tot is."

"Actually, I am not at all certain."


"See, I'm not certain that this actually has any potato in it. It's got that... that frozen-and-reconstituted-starch thing going on, like fast food french fries. But I'm not sure there was every a potato involved here."

"Then why do they call them tater tots, smartass?"

"That's what I'm asking you," Napalm explained patiently.

Johnathan regarded him silently.


"Just imagining all the ways I could torture you for putting me through conversations like this. With no jury finding me guilty."


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