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“She kissed me.”

Ryan looked back at Kieran, startled. “She what? Little Capri?”

Kieran grinned sheepishly. “Yeah. Not so little anymore.”

Ryan sat down, exhaled. “She’s what, fifteen?”



“You were doing more than kissing at fifteen.”

An irritated shrug. “Point.”

“She wants more.”

“You can’t actually be considering it.” Silence from Kieran, and Ryan looked up sharply. “You can’t!”

“It was a hell of a kiss, Ryan.”

“She’s… a child yet.”

“Like I said, you were doing more at her age. And don’t give me any it’s-different-for-boys bs.”

“Wasn’t going to say that. I was going to say that it’s different for people with more life experience.”

Kieran spread his hands. “Point. But it’s not like… look, Ryan. If it’s not me, it’s going to be someone else. She’s not a little kid anymore, and she’s living in a tower full of guys. If I say no, she’ll find someone else. And I don’t trust anyone else. Not with Kip.”

“Not even Halloran?”

“Halloran – has rejected her.”

“Seriously? But the soulbond…”

Kieran shrugged. “He worries that she’s a kid with a crush, that this is hero worship. That he’d be taking advantage of her.”

“It’s a valid concern.”

“One that would easily be dispensed with if he’d just stop blocking the soulbond.”

“Point.” Ryan sighed. “So she turned to you.”

Kieran gave a weary smile. ”I have been considered attractive by people with excellent taste.”



Ryan stopped, regarding Kieran suspiciously. “Wait. Are you asking my permission?”

“It seemed appropriate.”

“I’m oddly flattered.”

Kieran took his hand. “Consider it?”

“This is all you being altruistic, hm?”

“Oh, entirely.” Upon seeing Ryan’s serious expression, Kieran sobered. “It was a hell of a kiss, Ryan. She is… gods. I never thought I’d be thinking these thoughts about Kip, of all people. Yeah, I want her. But desire isn’t blinding me.”

Ryan nodded. “Is it okay if I talk to Halloran about this?”

“Of course.”

“Be careful, Kier.”

“I will.”


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