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Reader Request: Julia - soulbond? Do Not Want!

Julia took a deep breath, tugged at her cuffs, and nodded at Donna. Okay. This is it.

Donna gave her a reassuring smile, and opened the door.

Conversations stilled, and Julia, all too conscious of being the center of attention, inwardly winced. A room full of people, all vaguely familiar from memories recovered at the Sanctuary, their previous lives layered within them. The tall, burly guy had to be the Kithrayn of House Bartomn; the severe Goth guy, House Ziroth.

And there at the far end of the room, with the slender guy who had to be Lhri'nahr -


Her hands clenched inadvertently into fists, short nails digging into her palms. Not him. Stupid. She had to've known he was real, not just a recurring dream. Recurring nightmare, more like.

She drew her attention back to the matter at hand, shaking hands with the vaguely smarmy Kithrayn L'Arath, but she felt him staring at her. Son of a bitch. She made the rounds mechanically, murmuring Sanctuary-taught pleasantries, but when Donna brought her around to him, something in her rebelled. He gave her a hopeful grin, deep blue eyes warm, hesitant. Donna began her introduction - "And this is Kieran, Kithrayn ni'Narsan-"

He offered his hand, but she pulled back. "I know you you are," she said, keeping her voice level.

Confusion. Pain. His emotions swirled around her, and she shut them down, shielding hard. I will not let this happen. My mind is my own, dammit. "Donna, I want to go," she said. Quiet. Firm. Strong. You are not my destiny.


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