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The lights are still on inside the pub, glowing softly, casting golden light onto the street. The Kirayth have dispersed, by and large, but there are two people left at the bar, deeply engaged in conversation. They have a pad of paper between them, and they're gesturing heavily.

You can't tell their relationship by looking at them, but you think they could be father and daughter. They have that kind of easy rapport, and for all the girl's aggression, you can tell that she respects him.

What you can't tell by looking: She is technically his leader, not the other way around. His daughter is the first person she's ever let herself love. And he's become the father figure she'd wished for all her life, a wish she'd never let herself vocalize.


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Still no dinner. *waits patiently, but is kinda nauseous from Teh Sick anyway*

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