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I look down, dizzy, nauseous. Shaking. Blood.

I wipe myself. Gently.

I walk into the bedroom.

I call Donna.

“I need a healer.”

Donna gasps. “Jessa? Are you okay? Is Capri?”

I sit down heavily. “I’m bleeding.”

“Bleeding how?”

“I’m pregnant, Donna.”

Donna pauses only briefly. “We’ll be right there.”

“We” turns out to be Donna, Lily, Kieran, and Sara, a slim Tallart healer I don’t know well. Lily takes Kieran and Capri to the park. Donna holds my hand. Sara eases me back on the bed and presses a hand to my still-flat belly. I look up at Donna – she squeezes my hand, eyes sorrowful. “No one knew.”

“Not even the father?”

“Neither of them.”

“Ah. Fenris again?”


“I didn’t know you were trying.”

“I wasn’t,” I whisper.


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Tags: blogathon.2007, shayara, shayara.jessamyn
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