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Tessa pushed through the crowd, Adam and the kids in tow. She barely remembered they were with her, barely registered the concert crowd she was weaving through... just homing in on the signal.

On her never-met little sister.

The buildings they shake but my heart it beats still
Oh mother of Jesus, I feel pretty ill

So close, so close that she was almost in tears of frustration. Years of searching...

I want to go home where my feet both feel safe
But there ain't no jobs in the old free state

She had done it, picked up that lost thread, that cold trail. She felt her sister just up ahead, pulsing with energy, enough power to light the place for a week.

So I must remain in my new adopted land
I'm doing the best, Hell I'm doin' all I can

The crowd cleared, and the shimmering whirling dervish in the center faltered, locked eyes with her - that shining beacon, a skinny little girl in plaid paints and big boots, hair spilling over her shoulders in careless curls... her expression startled, then resolving to a mixture of fear and anger.

So next time you see me, don't ask for my name
For I am the King and sure long may I reign

The girl flung her arm up, raised her hand -

And her power slammed into Tessa, into Adam behind her, knocking her quite literally off her feet...

I've been down in this world, down and almost broken

And as she lost consciousness, Tessa saw the girl turn to run...


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