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If you didn't know who she was, she'd be the most beautiful woman in the room. Perfect ivory skin with that tumble of deep black hair, luminous eyes, that slight, teasing smile -

She's gorgeous. No denying it. Why she augments it with layers of glamour, I don't know. She doesn't look like the insecure type.

Breathtaking beauty. Until you see the cold cruelty in those eyes. And she's not mean for the hell of it - she's mean because she's broken, because she doesn't know another way to be. That's what scares the hell out of us. She's unpredictable.

But she still gets guys to dance with her, to go home with her. The glamour works. It works damn well.


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AUGH, I am sucking. I suck.

Also, I have time and energy to respond to very few comments. I'm sorry. I suck.


'song: We live by the tits! We die by the tits.
Rafaela: Noo, we do not live by the tits!
Tory: ...No Gellert, that is not your evil overlord motto. You're gay.
'song: Ok, fine, we live by the ass.

* sylverice2 is blogging for International Myeloma Foundation: “I'm blogging for the International Myeloma Foundation, because Multiple Myeloma is what killed my Aunt Shirl.” - sponsor her!
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