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Fenris watched Jessa out of the corner of his eye. She was at her desk, working on House Tamra business; he was at his, trying to figure out how to resurrect the centuries-gone tradition of the Kirayth. So much paper, so much archaic language, so much shit to do when he just wanted to get out there and fight. He sighed in frustration, pushing parchment across the desk, and she looked up. "Everything okay, love?"

"Yeah. It's just overwhelming, you know?"

She gave him a fond, somewhat exasperated smile and crossed the room. He watched her, marveling again, as he always did, at her beauty and grace. Wondering, as he always did, why on earth she loved him.

She settled in his lap, her silk against his leather. His arms instinctively wrapped 'round her waist, and he nuzzled her neck, provoking an appreciative "mmmm." She leaned forward, grabbing a notepad and pen. "Okay, so you have the Telenias as a second-in-command, right?"


"Well, delegate this stuff -" she underlined several notes - "to him. And this? This should be pretty easy. Just -"

He laughed quietly. She turned to him - "What?"

"I just don't know what I'd ever do without you, Jessa."


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Yeah, so, he does end up having to figure out what to do without her. :(

In other news, I will shortly expire if I don't get root beer.

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