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"What's out there that's so fascinating?"

Kieran turned from the window to see Julia leaning against the doorjamb, arms folded. "Excuse me?"

"Every time I come up here, you're just staring out that window. Looks like a perfectly average view of the street to me."

"Oh. Huh." Kieran frowned, parsing. "There's... a lot that went on here before you arrived."

"Yeah. A few millenia worth."

"Yeah, well, this is more recent. This is... I know they told you about the Purges."


"I was living here then. Living with Donna. My mom - my mom died not too long before this, and Donna was fostering me. And for some reason, I was just... really restless that night. I kept pacing. I kept staring out that window. And... just after sunset. That's where I saw them. The Hounds, running down the street." He drew a deep shuddery breath. "They were killing people, Julia, right there on the street. I told Donna -"

"How old were you?"


She gave a sympathetic nod. "Go on."

"That's why she wouldn't let me go out and help the Kirayth. Too young. Two years away from my majority. So I had to watch... until she realized what I was seeing, and she made me go down to the basement. Trying to keep me safe. And that was so much worse."

"Because you couldn't see," Julia realized.

He half-grinned at her. "You know, I think that's the first time anyone's gotten that."

"It's how I would feel."

He met her steady gaze, felt the soulbond almost let him through. It was Julia who broke eye contact, looking back at the window. "So now you watch."

"Yeah. I can't be here without looking."

She walked over to the window and looked out, hand pressed against the glass... maybe imagining that night. She looked back at him. "Coast is clear," she said quietly. "C'mon. Let's go get some coffee."


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* shadowwolf13 is blogging for Spiral Scouts: “Word of the program spread and the ATC formalized Spiral Scouts into an expanded program now available to anyone worldwide.The program has a unique approach to youth programming. Each group isled by both a male and a female adult, to achieve and teach the balance that is so central to Earth-centered beliefs. While Spiral Scouts was developed on Pagan beliefs and practices, it is designed to be adaptable by other minority faiths as well. In addition to traditional woodland lore, camping and the outdoor living skills, the program includes teaching the many mythologies of the ancient world. Uniquely,it includes a component new to youth group programming - life strategies and skills for teens, to help them learn early how to have good relationships with their peers and adults, and interpersonal skills that will serve them throughout their adult lives.
I choose to blog for the Scouts because it's one way that I can give back to the Pagan community.” - Sponsor her!
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