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She's at the coffeehouse alternate Thursdays, the slim Zirothi woman with her tarot cards. Melina, they say her name is. She walks in with... it almost looks like an ammo belt, but with deck after deck of cards. I think she uses a different pack for every reading.

She sets up in the back corner, by the graffiti wall, that little table nestled between the stage and the wall, and starts shuffling cards. She doesn't look at anyone. She doesn't try to solicit business. She just sits there, and people come up to her.

Sometimes I hear her... her voice is low and intense. She flips the cards, stroking their edges lightly as she speaks. It's hard not to watch - it seems so intimate, in such a public place.

Sometimes I think about getting a reading. Maybe next time.


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seimaisin is blogging at Consequence Free for Angel Foundation. She says: “This year, I’m blogging for Angel Foundation, which is a local charity that helps cancer patients pay for basic life needs. It was recommended by one of our social workers here at the hospital - they use Angel Foundation constantly, for our patients whose finances have been wiped out by the insane mountain of medical bills. Angel Foundation will help patients pay utility bills and mortgage/rent payments, or give them gift cards to grocery stores, or gas money for patients who live far away and have to be at the clinic on a daily basis. It’s a huge help; too many of our patients don’t have adequate insurance, and are getting treated with the help of state medical assistance. That’s fine for medical needs, but people who don’t have insurance generally don’t have very good jobs, and have to quit or take leave from their jobs when they have cancer. Thus, no proper income to pay their non-medical bills. That’s where Angel Foundation comes in. It’s a fantastic program, and I’m glad to be able to help them raise more money.”
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