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It isn't even a knife; he won't allow her a knife. It's a small pair of scissors that she found in the vanity, yet another thing that belonged to Elizabeth Halloran.

She still remembers that night whenever she uses them, or anything that belonged to the Hallorans. She remembers stepping back from Michael, high on her anger, giving the order. She remembers nodding, giving the order. She remembers the sound of the gun, filling the room despite the silencer.... Michael falling first, shot so precisely. She remembers Elizabeth lunging for her, trying to protect her son, and the gun again in that chaotic silence... falling over the couch, her blood soaking into pale blue cushions.

We had to throw the couch away. The blood never came out.

She remembers how Elizabeth fell, hand outstretched toward her fallen son, so close, but unable to touch him, even in death. And then Thomas, but she wasn't watching at that point. She remembers stepping back, skirts swirling around her ankles, radioing the order to take down that bitch Jessamyn and her family -

And turning back, meeting Jeramie's eyes, watching his reaction.

And seeing Elizabeth again...

She draws the point of Elizabeth's scissors down her inner arm, soft pale skin yielding, a thin line of her own blood following sharp silver, the pain hollowing her stomach and making her float.




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