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He's smiling his evil smile as he watches her face, the combination of fear and arousal. "Feeling a bit exposed, are we?"

Capri nods silently, eyes not leaving his. She tests the strength of her bonds, tugging at the padded leather cuffs that anchor her to the ceiling bar. She shifts as if trying to decide if she's uncomfortable. He hasn't got her on the main stage at Need - just an alcove, really. But she can feel eyes on her, and she darts a look over her shoulder. Kieran steps in closer, whispers in her ear. "You want to know if he's watching you, don't you?"

She bites her bottom lip, lowers her eyes shyly. "Yes, Sir."

He laughs, low and rich. "Oh, yes. Yes, he is." She shivers, and he trails a hand down her spine, pressing his palm to the small of her back. Oh, lovely girl. "Want to give him a show?"

He doesn't wait for her answer.


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Thanks to brujah and caulay, we're up to $2,441.52! *dances*

Dude, I don't know why my brain is full of Capri/Kieran today. *laugh* I think I'm maybe a bit horny. Just a bit.

Couldn't possibly have anything to do with hanging out with a room full of hot topless chicks. Nope.

* fiddle_dragon and songwind are blogging over at dragonsfordvs, for the Dakota Valley Symphony. She says: “I will be blogging for Dakota Valley Symphony. Why is DVS significant to me? *grins* "I'm with the band" *chuckle* I play 2nd violin, and occasionally flute if asked if an extra flute is needed. During the 'thon, I'll be sharing what it's like to play in an orchestra, talking about music in general, music education, music music music! songwind will be throwing in his two cents as well, though I'm not sure that he's decide what those two cents will be.

DVS is a community-based non-profit symphony orchestra and chorus based in the Southern Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota. It offers both local musicians and local composers an opportunity to perform and share their skills. As an arts organization it's always looking for funding to help with sheet music license fees, site rentals, site fees, hall rentals, equipment fees, rentals, replacements, purchase new percussion, flyers, programs, among other sundry costs associated with running an organization.

This summer DVS has been offered the opportunity to purchase a trailer to haul our equipment around to our summer pops locations. This is an exciting opportunity for them! But it's still another fundraising need.”
Click here to sponsor them!
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