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Extraterrestrial Vampyre Pajamas

Julia looked pained. "I can't sleep over."

"Why not?" Capri bustled about the room, tidying, looking over her shoulder at suddenly-tentative Julia.

"I don't know. Um. I have nothing to sleep in."

Capri laughed. "That's no excuse. You wear the same size as me!" She pulled a bundle of clothing out of a nearby drawer and tossed it at Julia, who caught it and unfolded it.

"What the -"

Capri grinned. "They're my favorite."

Julia held up a pajama top, studying it in sheer disbelief. "It - has flying saucers on it."


"And... Dracula?"

"Yep! Space vampires."



"Why do you have space vampire pajamas?"

"Because they exist!"

"But - it - space vampires?"

"What's wrong with space vampires?"

Julia laughed, turning the pajamas around to see every scene depicted. "Um, nothing. I guess."

Capri plopped down on the bed next to Julia. "Honey? I am silly. I am made of silly. That is far from the only thing I have around here that I have just for the silly factor. It's fun. It's okay for stuff to just be fun."


I had to do all three at once; they were creentmerveille's daughter's, and it was just too fun an idea. :) Plus slipjig double-dog-dared me to use multiple prompts.

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MGrasso to Wired_Lizard, who's writing HPfic: "I just don't know how you're going to get tentacles in there."
Everyone else: "DON'T TEMPT HER."

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