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Lyric is fiercely intent when she hears new music - she devours it like food, digging out every word, every turn of phrase. It's the only time she focuses that sharply, and Napalm has grown to know that look.

He feeds her new music. He feeds her words, knowing that as he does so, he's clearing a path for her thoughts, giving her a way to speak to him. She is so close sometimes, almost normal.

What passes for normal, anyway, for people like them.

He changes the CD, gives her more, watches expressions of joy and longing and understanding flit across her face. Her eyes flutter closed as she parses it, fits it to her mind, her experiences, uses it to show him.


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Thanks to Anonymous and Extispex from the BPAL forum, I'm up to $2,386.52!

The Whovians are playing with their Doctor Who toys. Lots of disruption this round, so I didn't do the best of jobs here. :(

Special blogger spotlight! irana stayed up til 3 with me last year, and was inspired. She's turning out some great storybits. Check her out!

irana is blogging for NARSAD - The Mental Health Research Association. She says” It's simple really. If you've read my user info, you'll see that I was once diagnosed with PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Clinical Depression. The full diagnosis was much, much longer at the time, but those were the three biggest issues. NARSAD supports research into the causes, treatments and eventual cures for psychiatric disorders. Not just the ones you hear about most often for adults, but the ones you rarely hear about, like the mental health issues of children. Things like autism, child bipolar disorder, childhood depression, ADHD just to name a few.

The first time I ever heard of them was from a therapist I'd been seeing. Her mentor - one of them anyway - had been chosen by NARSAD for a grant to further his research. Now, you have to understand, the results from this program has affected not only psychiatry, but nueroscience as well. Their goal is not only to support research into developing new preventative measures, better diagnoses and improved treatments for these conditions, but also to educate the public about them. You know those commercials and pamphlets that talk about research showing the relationship between stress and anxiety, or the role of genetics in things like bipolar disorder? Guess where that information comes from?

I don't know about you, but I know plenty of people with some sort of mental illness who have stigmatized by people who didn't understand what they were going through simply because those people didn't understand that it was an actual illness, a medical problem and not just someone being emotional or lazy. I myself have been stigmatized that way. If you know anyone, anyone at all, who suffers from some sort of mental illness, sponsor me. Do it for them, do it for me, do it for yourself.“
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