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"Do you know what I hate about all of this? About... about you?" Julia glared at Kieran as she paced, anger roiling around her.

"I don't, Julia. I wish to hell I did."

"This - destiny shit. Tessa found me, she dragged me to the Sanctuary, and Jason-" She stopped abruptly and dropped into an armchair, a mutinous look on her face. "He made me remember," she continued quietly. "All of this. All of you. My - my fucking responsibility. And Tessa dragged me here, and... I'm being called on to be your Lishaya, to lead a fucking revolution. And it's too much. And I don't want it."

"You prefer being on the run?"

"I prefer having free will. Or at least thinking I did."

"You still do."

"Not really. The other lives inside me - I have to do this. I have no choice. And that scares the hell out of me, and it pisses me off."

"And what do you hate about me?" he asked softly, wishing he could reach over and take her hands in his. She scowled at him, as if knowing - and hell, she probably did.

"Kiri'totharan. Soulbond. I'm linked to you, forever and ever, amen. Bound to be your... whatever. Your partner. Fated to love you. I don't love you, Kieran."

"I know."

"I refuse. Destiny or not. You can't make me love you. You can't make me - do anything with you."

He nodded, holding her gaze. "It is your choice, Julia. Destiny or no, that much is always your choice."


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