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The first time she woke up beside him, she was hesitant, afraid of what he'd say, if he'd regret the night before, finally kissing her, finally...

The second time, she felt a bit more secure, but still - is this really happening? She watched him, his slight smile in sleep, brushed her fingers against his jawline, admiring him. The love of her life. Finally. The soulbond fully open, no barrier between their emotions. Her amazing kiri...

The third time she woke beside him, she stretched, grinning, admiring the morning light on his face - on his eyes when he opened them. She laughed, surprising even herself. He pulled her in for a lingering kiss. "What is it, silly girl?"

She couldn't keep from grinning. "You're still here."

"I'll always be here, kiri."

"It's just - I've dreamed of this, all these years. And it's really real, isn't it? You're really, truly mine."

He kissed her nose, provoking another laugh. "I've always been yours."

Impish, she straddled him. "Show me," she whispered with a shy smile...


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* blitheandbonny is blogging at her Vox for Equality Alabama. She says: “As of right now, there is only one high school in Alabama with a gay student association - and it's a private school. Legally, if a school allows any non-curriculum student organization, it MUST allow the formation of a gay student association if a group so wishes to form one. That right is being denied many of the students in this state. In a sexual minority youth safety survey, Alabama scored a 3 out of a possible 100. We're ranked 49th out of 51. Gay teenagers without support are more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers. I chose Equality Alabama as my Blogathon charity because in a largely rural state such as this one, we just don't have the community to support our LGBT youth like in larger metropolitan areas. It makes us more likely to come to a realization of our sexuality later in life, with more baggage and trauma associated with something that frankly, shouldn't be a big deal. Straight people don't wake up one day and think "Hey, I think I might be straight." They just take it for granted. I hope for a day when gay people can take their own sexuality so much for granted.”>
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