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The road can be home, in a way. Especially when you don't know where your home is.

And I don't.

It's safer than the cities... safer than staying in one place. The cops are always looking - if not for me, for any teenage runaways. The one night I spent in that shelter...

So. I shower at highway rest stops - all hail the Flying J! And I hitch rides with truckers... some of whom are okay, some of whom think some pretty fucked-up things about little girls.

But I can handle them. I figured out how to focus this... whatever it is, this power, this thing that killed -

I can focus it now. Just enough to hurt. Just enough to get out and run.

And I guess I'll just keep running. Just keep moving, don't care where. Fly down Route 66, see the country. There are highways everywhere, and I can be leaving at a moment's notice. I can be gone.

I don't know if they're looking for me. I don't know if they know what I did, what I really did.

I can't risk it.

Just keep moving.


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