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She spread her fingers in dew-damp grass, watching the sun rise, content in her near-solitude. The fog melted away around her, and she sighed.

The father-god knelt beside her. "You're awake early, Tiala."

She smiled, looking down at her hands. "I've been walking. Wandering."

"Deep in thought?"

"I think it's time." He was silent, and she looked up at him, meeting his warm grey eyes. "I think I'm ready, Father. I think that we've gotten everything right. I think it's time to begin."

"Making the others?"


"Are you lonely, daughterlove?"

"It's not that. It is just..." She gestured to the trees, to the sky. "This world, this so-beautiful world. It is so empty. It feels like it's holding its breath. It is waiting."

He took her hand in hers, helped her to her feet. "Then let us go to your mother, and our sister. Let's begin."

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