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Happy early birthday to mirrored_echo, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to returning reader agaran, newly-met-in-person reader carwoman, new-at-least-on-LJ reader jenstclair, and thought-she-added-me-ages-ago reader zlana!

Legs were bad last night, on Day Two of Celebrex. I will be patient.

Thanks to new sponsors nevacaruso, supremegoddess1, kitteridge, lurkerwithout, sealgair, phantom_wolfboy, the_remedy, jenstclair, and crisavec, we're up to $1,485.97!

Last year at this time, we were at $1,786.60... we ended up at a staggering $3,434.00. Was it a fluke? Can it be reproduced? The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center is a small organization that does a tremendous amount of good. Every dollar you give them counts. Every sponsorship means they can do more, help more people. They're really excited about this. So am I. :)

I know this is payday for a bunch of you. If it's not your payday, chances are next week is. Take a look at your budget and see what you can do. Make a difference.

Click here to sponsor me!

Sponsors who pledge $50 and up get a one-card Balance Card reading from haikujaguar!

(Yes, this counts those who've pledged big already; yes, you can up your pledge to get to this level. :))

I still haven't come up with an incentive idea that I can execute right now. I'm swamped in website-launch work, and we still haven't finished the Primer, which goes to last year's sponsors (and will go to this year's sponsors as well), so I'm loathe to promise an additional piece of writing that I could then fail to get around to. :( Ideas?

Still need to set 'em up. :( Will have to wait til slipjig and rafaela show up so they can photograph me in thisdaydreamer's lovely necklaces! I'll post when they're up, of course.

" As the second oldest rape crisis center in the United States, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) has been highly visible locally and nationally in the fight against violence against women. First initiated as a grassroots, activist endeavor, the organization continues to be supported by over 135 BARCC volunteers annually. Volunteers provide hotline crisis counseling, adolescent and family services, support groups, medical advocacy and legal advocacy. BARCC also provides violence prevention education workshops for schools, community groups, teen centers and businesses throughout the greater Boston area. "

Blogathon really is about the only thing my brainmeats are handling right now. I'm managing a get-together for a six-person team, including finding laptops for four of 'em (we think we've got them all now), getting an air conditioner, et cetera... on top of my usual coasting-towards-Blogathon stuff.

So I'm terribly behind on everything else. Just nod and smile; it'll all be over soon.

Link Soup
* Babbage's Difference Engine... on a nano scale?
* Fascinating food design.
* HARPTALLICA: The Metallica Harp Tribute Band. Dude. Now I want to learn to play "The Unforgiven" on my harp.
* What are Girl Guides interested in earning badges in these days? Money management and safer sex, among other things.
* Lolcats... in TIME Magazine.

Daily Science
A flying car resembling what the Jetsons drove could show up soon at a dealership near you.

Moller International, a company founded by a UC Davis professor devoted to developing a flying car, announced in a statement recently that it has begun production for its "Jetsons-like M200G Volantor, a small airborne, two passenger, saucer-shaped vehicle that is designed to take off and land vertically."

Daily BPAL

Agnes Nutter: Gunpowder, charred wood, smoke, and rusty nails.

In bottle: Woo! Gunpowder.

On me: Gunpowder gunpowder. Vetiver-y. A bit of the charred wood lurking underneath. I don't always like her smoke notes, but I like this.

Shadwell: Roll-ups, mildewed raincoat, sweet tea, and condensed milk.

In bottle: Sweet tea and something off.

On me: Hm, that raincoat's not *too* mildewed. But that's about all I'm smelling.

War: Red ginger, black spices, patchouli, honeysuckle, and three blood-soaked red musks.

In bottle: Ai-ya, this *bites*! In a good way!

On me: It's all swirling about. Red musk is riding high, its foot upon the neck of the struggling patchouli. Honeysuckle's not even trying... maybe it'll show up later. I'm hoping for the ginger to stage a comeback.

* Post on why I've joined the Survivor Speaker's Bureau
* More Blogathon prep, housewise
* Post auctions
* Nap
* Slipjig and Rafaela arrive 'round 3; Excursively and TheLoriest will be stopping by...
* Play tonight? We'll see how we feel. We must get to bed early, after all.
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