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This is a planning/infogathering post for Team Venture. Venturites, please read! Others, read or ignore as you see fit.

Okay. Blogathon starts at 9 AM EST. Slipjig and Rafaela are sleeping over Friday night. Yunatwilight, WiredLizard, and Mllelaurel - I recommend that you get here by 8 to get set up. Yuna & Wired, can you pick Mlle up? There will be coffee. Oh, yes. There will be coffee.

I'm thinkin' that it makes the most sense for the living room to be the room on cam; people who want to remain unseen can blog in the dining room. Thoughts? (Note to general public: it's still effectively the same space, so we still get the party atmosphere!)

We need to have healthy snacks throughout the day. Dante's willing to cook for us! But I think that, as a rule, we should try to avoid junk food. You do not want a 5 AM sugar crash. Also, there will be no alcohol consumption during Blogathon! Trust me, it will fuck with your ability to stay up and semicoherent til 9 AM. We can open up a bottle of wine Sunday morning, before we flop into bed.

Food requests thus far:
Yuna: "Apple juice, white grape juice, and ginger ale all work well for me. I can also drink Mug root beer, but it's the only one I know of with no caffeine."
Rafaela: "Lots of quick easy stuff - cereal, skim milk, makings for PB & J (I like chunky peanut butter, but that's a personal choice), juices, yogurt, the like."
'song: Hm. Carrots. Hummus + pita! Does anyone know where we can get Jones root beer? That's good stuff. Need lots of bottled water.

'song: her own
Rafaela: Elayna's
Slipjig: Excursively's
MlleLaurel: her own
YunaTwilight: Excursively's spare
Wired_Lizard: Mirrored_Echo's spare

Bedspace for Sunday
I'm sleeping in my bed, and can accommodate one more person there, two if they like each other. Yuna & Wired? I'm not sure how Slipjig & Rafaela want to handle it - I think I remember Rafaela not liking the air mattress. So what we have is, for Slipjig, Rafaela, and MlleLaurel, Elayna's bed, the couch, and the air mattress.

Anybody have any?
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