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How do you deal with abusive comments on the 'net?

I get a lot of them.I don't think a lot of you who've started reading me in the last two, three years know this, or know that it still happens. But yeah. I get a lot of abuse. I used to point to each example... this can be traced back to my "no one will believe me if I tell" issue, which I've mostly neutralized now. But basically, I have not been giving them attention. I delete comments, I ban users; I only bother to notify LJAbuse when they're using my legal name or other identifying details in their sockpuppet-account names, profiles, entries, comments.

But y'know, there are times when I want to Say Something. Not to be all "Help, help, I'm being repressed! Now you see the violence inherent in the system!" I know what they want is attention, but if the choice is giving them attention or being silenced... I've been silent about this a lot.

I want to Say Something today.

I got this comment in response to a friend's anonymous-comment "tell me something naughty" meme.

I want to grab your head and snatch your head back and take a straight
blade and shave off all your hair. Then your eyebrows. Then that big
hairy monstrosity of a bush of yours. And leave you naked on the ground,
raw, for everyone to point and laugh at you. And see you for the ugly
thing you really are. Inside and out.

So I see this in my e-mail. (My friend didn't unscreen it, he trashed it, but I still get comment notifications.) And I get that kick-in-the-gut feeling, sure.

But what I want to say is this:

I'm not afraid of you.

I will never be afraid of you.

And y'know what? The people in my life now, the crowd I run with? If you did that?

Would not point and laugh.

They'd help me up, wrap me in silks and velvets, get me a chai, and tell me how beautiful I am. Inside and out.

And then a few of them would go kick your ass, I'm pretty sure.

Do you understand this? You people don't scare me. I'm better than that. I'm better than you. Your jealousy, your years-long obsession, is eating you from the inside, making you ugly and rotten and pathetic and disgusting. And I bet it shows.

When you post something like this, what you're showing isn't that I'm ugly. It's that you are.

And I'm smiling right now. And I bet you hate that. :)
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