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Life with 'song and Adam

Scene:Our kitchen. Adam cannot for the life of him remember what medications I take and when; they're listed on my MedicAlert account, but gods forbid there's an emergency, it would be nice if the paramedics don't have to waste time calling.

'song: *takes out all four pills* "Okay." *points to red-and-white striped pill* "What's this?"
Adam, with full confidence: "Lunesta."
'song: "Noooo."
Adam: "It's the one you take twice a day!"
'song: "Yes. But it's called Lyrica." *points to blue pill* "What's that?"
Adam: "That's Lunesta!"
'song: "Very good!" *points to half-pill* "And that?"
Adam: "Um. That's... the one you've been taking forever."
'song: "Yep..."
Adam: "I don't know. I know the bottles!"
'song: *is not reassured, as most of the bottles are identical* "Toprol." *points to final pill. "That?"
Adam: "The new one, the horse pill. Robuxin?"
'song: "Robaxin. Close!"
Adam, starting to laugh: "I know! It's the one that [caused embarrassing side effect the first few times you took it]!"
'song: *thwaps Adam*
'song's tendonitis/fibro combo: *FLARES*
'song: "Ow!"
Adam: *gigglefits*
'song: "Ow! Seriously! Ow!"
Adam, continuing to laugh: "I'm supposed to feel sorry for you hurting your hand hitting me?"
'song: "Yes!"

It still hurts! *sulk*
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