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Feeling much better today than yesterday. Upgraded my Robaxin dose, so that may be helping.

Thanks to new sponsor Jaime, I'm up to $1,080.97!

Remember, this is a pledge-now, pay-later deal. Sponsor me now, pay on your next paycheck!

And remember to give me one-word writing prompts! I'm writing 48 pieces of flash fiction in about 10-20 minutes each - I need *lots* of prompting.

And bonus - if we get the webcam working, it's sponsors-only. That's as in sponsors for anyone at the Blogathon Party, so check out yunatwilight, slipjig, rafaela, and mllelaurel. Someone's likely to get naked. Me, I'm getting body-painted by marmota at some point during the Blogathon, and he will possibly write a blog entry on my back. He was testing his pens on me the other day. Wanna see? Sponsor!

Quote of the Day
"I probably have more female friends than any man I've ever met. What I like about them is that almost always they're generally mentally tougher, and they're better listeners, and they're more capable of surviving things. And most of the women that I like have a haunted quality - they're sort of like women who live in a haunted house all by themselves."
-- John Malkovich

Link Soup
* The Napkin Fiction Project.
* How to make a glowing Green Lantern ring.
* Excellent article about the impact of the Harry Potter series. Spoiler-free. And no, I still haven't read the book.
* Bostonians: this Friday is Go Green Walk/Ride Day. Wear green, take alternative transportation, get stuff!
* Beautiful felt lamps. Yes - felt.
* Dress the squirrel!
* Your new favorite time-waster.
* What Claudia Wore - a blog devoted to chronicling the outfits assembled by The Babysitters Club's Claudia Kishi. Way more fascinating than it ought to be.

Daily Science
In the future you might painting your home not with standard paint, but rather, with a nice coating of energy-generating solar cells. In one of the most interesting developments in solar panel technology so far, researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology, directed by Somenath Mitra, claim to have developed a way to create a solar cell that can be painted on flexible plastic sheets.
The findings were presented in a paper for the Journal of Materials Chemistry. In the paper, they describe how using a combination of carbon nanotubes complex and carbon Buckyball molecule they can create a series of snake-like molecular structures. The sunlight excites the polymer backing, which in turn causes it to release electrons.
One of the curious properties of a Buckyball molecule is that it catches the electrons, though it can’t achieve a flow of them. When linked to a nanotube, the Buckyball transfers the electron as though it were a simple copper cable, thus generating electricity. Researchers hope to turn this procedure into a simple and cheap way for consumers to install solar cells in their houses.
“Someday homeowners will even be able to print sheets of these solar cells with inexpensive home-based inkjet printers. Consumers can then slap the finished product on a wall, roof or billboard to create their own power stations.” said Somenath Mitra.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Arcana: Spitfire: hot cinnamon, dragon's blood extract, sweet resins and a touch of red musk

In bottle: Almost pure dragon's blood.

On me: Cinnamon spirals out of the mix, swirls around me. Closer up, it's mostly dragon's blood, but the throw is cinnamon/resin.

The others have no brand name listed.

Shadow Sylph: Light vanilla-y floral. On me: Yep. Same. Meh.

Tea Rose: Yep. That's tea rose.

Grey Wolf: Sweet and musky, with a touch of anise. On me: Pleasant herbal, light musk.

* Curves & library.
* Finish comics.
* Read Harry Potter.

Yeah, not an action-packed day, but I'm still recovering from last week/the weekend. I have a semi-active week this week, with doctor appointments tomorrow and Wednesday, Diesel tomorrow, Shakespeare on the Common Wednesday, a friend's birthday dinner Thursday, and slipjig and rafaela arriving Friday night for Saturday's Blogathon. I really need to ration my spoons this week, because I have got to be able to get through Blogathon. Social energy will help, during the Blogathon. I've never done an *entire* Blogathon with a group! irana sat up with me til 3 last year, and that helped quite a lot. (She's Blogathonning this year! Go sponsor her!)

Writingwise, my goal is three bits for the website every day. At least.

Okay. Picture, then off to get my exercise.

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