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Ending, in seven views

Beneath the kudzu
Trees smother, despite the beauty
Freed: regret, relief

The cats mill around their adopted human, trying to distract her from her phone call. They sprawl around her, offering an array of bellies to be skritched.

Calm. Frustration. Subject change. Anger. Subject change. Recognition that we are off on a tangent. Reeling in. Calm. Statement of issue. Resolution.


Everyone knew it wasn't forever. We just all deal with that knowledge in different ways.

"I fucked up."
"Yeah, well, we all do."
"Yeah. It's just that when I fuck up, I do it spectacularly."
"Well, you never do anything half-assed."
Unspoken: Me either, me too.
Spoken on both sides: "I'm sorry."

Being a grownup sucks.
Having to make grown-up decisions sucks.
It is a sign of growth that this decision could be made, though, and that should be celebrated.

Spoken on both sides: "I love you -"
Unspoken, but just-previously acknowledged: now just as friends -
Spoken: "I'll see you soon.

(Life is still good. Bittersweet for right now. But still good.)

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