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Hypothesis: That I may have built up a tolerance to pain medication, given my growing association with it.
Proven: While half a Flexeril does nothing for my pain, a full Flexeril still knocks me on my ass, though for less time - eight hours of sleep and, during brief returns to consciousness, inability to move, rather than a day and a half. Sorry I missed your dinner calls, eustaciavye and pseydtonne. :(

ArtBeat was mostly great... I love art/craft festivals. :) Picked up gifts for my birthmom and a few friends, and got ideas for stuff *I* can do, and what to charge for it. Also got a t-shirt for myself - an anatomically-correct heart with the words "Arrythmia's gonna get ya". The guys at the both seemed really amused that an actual heart patient liked the shirt. :) Only bumped into one LJer (hi farwing!); there was a camping event this weekend that siphoned off much of the Boston contingent of my friendslist. (Including the two new people I'm twitterpated over, which is good, in a way; gives me a little distance to get to thinking clearly!)

The problem was this: I've been seriously overtaxing myself all week, and the bill came due yesterday. I ignored the pain in my feet,the early-warning aches, and tried to soldier on. Bad call. By the time we got home, I was hobbling, whimpering, pain flashing through my neck and back and arms and... I popped a Flexeril and it was lights out til midnight, at which point I hobbled upstairs and managed to get myself to bed, where I slept til about 9:30.

I'm feeling... just a bit off plumb today. Still exhausted, though not as profoundly as yesterday. I have mild full-body ache, enough to remind me not to try to Do Anything.

Adam read Harry Potter yesterday while I was half-comatose, and is likely amused that I'm going for the stack of comics Glenn (of Magic Dragon Comics in Arlington - shop there!) dropped off today rather than the Potter. There's just something about a stack of comics. Plus, my attention span's still faulty. :) I'll likely work through the comics today and hit the Potter tomorrow.

Glenn also brought a file cabinet dicotomygrrl left for Elayna. Every writer needs a file cabinet! Hopefully, she'll get the organizing bug, at least as regards her stories, which have been scattered all over the places, random pages underfoot.

And... that's it. This has pretty much been Date Weekend with Adam, and that makes me happy. :) We might go out tonight, we might not. We'll see.

It's a good life.
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