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Iiiii have had about two hours' sleep. So I'm utterly exhausted + achy. When Joe gets here, I'm dragging him back to bed, and Not Like That.

Thanks to new sponsors mirrored_echo, Anonymous, caerwynx, elvie, and aurora_lamour, we're up to $1,075.97!

How did we get that far? A few big sponsorships and a *lot* of smaller ones. The fives and tens really do build up.If you can't afford to give a lot, you're in good company! (As my post yesterday should make clear (I hope), if you really can't give, that's totally okay; I've been there. I'm trying to fundraise without undue pressure, and I hope I'm succeeding.)

Sponsor me!

Theatre @ First
Saw Theatre @ First's 4th Annual One-Acts Festival last night - tech-directed wonderfully by lifecollage, starring mangosteen, joyeous, imlad, and likely many other worthies with LJs I don't know, it was a most enjoyable and highly recommended evening. Go! They're doing this through the 28th. Only ten bucks! Support local theater!

*takes yesterday-morning's *squee**
*raises it by a *squee**

I am having a *very* good week. Yay. I must have been very good indeed to deserve this embarrassment of riches... *happy sigh*

Between friend-visit and date yesterday and friend-visit all day today, not only was I unable to put a dent in the e-mail backlog yesterday, but I will be unable to respond to anything that requires thought through, um, Monday? And will likely be away from the computer altogether for the next few days. Or at least away from e-mail and LJ. If you need me, contact me through..., just plan to not need me. If your plans involve needing me? I recommend changing them.

Shakespeare on the Common
Wednesday? Anyone?

Daily Science
Pluto's companion Charon might be covered with active volcanoes of ammonia-rich water spewing forth from the moon's deep interior. Astronomers at one of the world's great telescopes have separated Charon's dim light from Pluto's and discovered that large areas of the moon's surface are plastered with deposits of crystalline water and ammonia hydrate ice. Such crystalline materials can't last long on an airless world before cosmic rays age and destroy their ordered structure, so they must be replenished regularly. "Some mechanism is renewing Charon's surface, and cryovolcanism is the most probable of the possible mechanisms," write Jason Cook, Steven Desch, Ted Roush, Chad Trujillo, and Tom Geballe in a paper they published this week in The Astrophysical Journal.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Blue tank top, black panties.
Reading: Sweets, a history of candy. Next on the pile is Emma Bull's Territory, then Coyote Road,the newest Datlow-Windling anthology.
Friday: Hanging out with
australian_joe. Plans are nebulous, but include watching Harvard Square transform into Hogwarts Square, where I'll meet Adam - and possibly kythryne! - for an evening of Harry Potter music and merriment. It's not that I'm hugely into Harry Potter... it's just that this is a massive celebration based on books, really on an unprecedented scale, and how can you not love that?
Saturday: ArtBeat, then possibly hanging out with eustaciavye. :)
Sunday: Rest oh dear gods rest.

* Last night's date wrote on my wrist, and I keep looking at it and smiling.
* Why do I have a mashup of Salt & Pepa's "Shoop" and Snow's "Informer" stuck in my head? I don't think this mashup exists. It's just that these two songs collided in my head, and... yeah. *shakes head vigorously*
* No more first dates for a while (yes, I know I said that before); I'm very, very pleased with my current dance card, and wish to have time to explore things with everyone on it.
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