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Why Blogathon?

This is my fifth year doing Blogathon. Wow. :) I wasn't aware of Blogathon the year I started blogging, but I jumped on it soon as I heard.

(Links: Blogathon 2003, Blogathon 2004, Blogathon 2005, Blogathon 2006!)

I believe in doing good.

That's simple, simplified, but there it is. I believe. I believe that we, as a species, are inherently good. I believe that it is in us to do amazing things. I believe that what we call evil is a learned behavior.

I might be wrong. But I like my view of the universe better, thanks.


I believe in doing good.

And I believe, as I tell Elayna repeatedly, that people should do whatever they can, whenever they can, to help other people. Not that you should beggar yourself giving to charity, but that you should do what you can. Sometimes that's giving money to charities, but sometimes it's donating your old coats, sometimes it's just spreading the word.

I believe that people should do what they can. Extension: I believe that people should use their gifts (and I believe that everyone has gifts) to help others.

Somewhere along the line, my LJ started accumulating lots of readers. And I discovered that my voice is one of my gifts. I discovered that I can reach hundreds of people, who can reach more people. And that I can make them listen.

And I heard about Blogathon, and I started using my voice.

If just by staying up all night and writing, I can raise thousands of dollars for charity - just that simple act, writing! - I can't not do it.

It's not a matter of why. It's a matter of "how could I not?"

Does that make sense?

Next meta-Blogathon post will be about why I'm blogging for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center in particular.

July 28-29, 2007
Flash fiction every half hour for 24 hours, from your one-word prompts
To benefit to Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
Sponsor me!
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