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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader betsyrockett!

Pretty achy this morning; plantar fasciitis not happy. Too much activity yesterday. :(

Thanks to new sponsors manifestress, eilonwy, and quamicauzilot, and an additional pledge from lordlnyc to push me over the top, I'm up to $1,025.97 raised for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center!

*boogies down*

Now let's keep going. When will we hit $2,000?

Sponsor me and find out!

And remember - whether you sponsor me or not - pimp this on your journal! One of your friends might help!

Amusement: In PolyBoston, one can discover that her two consecutive first-dates have known each other for over a dozen years. This is the great thing about dating here - you have references.

Specific to last night: *blush* Hi. Yes. That will happen again. I like him. :) *blush*

Shayara: Marketing
The creative-contributions breakdown on the comic is thus:
'song: Words + marketing
Mouse: Pictures + tech

She does the website in addition to that gorgeous art, because that's what she used to do for money, so she groks it, whereas I'd have to teach myself laboriously in my copious (ha!) spare time. (That said, she is going to teach me how to upload stuff to the map portion of the website, so I can keep adding interactive widgets and parallel storylines (this is how I can get out all of the stuff I can't get into the comic itself!) without having to bug her all the time.) I do the marketing in addition to the writing, because in my exhaustive study of human society, I have learned how to self-promote. This may be viewed as a good or a bad thing when it comes to Life, but it's a really good thing when it comes to Art.

So anyway. Marketing. Hi! There will, of course, be the t-shirts. There will also be bookmarks, Library cards, trading cards, MOOcards, and stickers.


There is creativity in this, too.

Quote of the day
"When we keep claiming the light, we find ourselves becoming more and more radiant." - Henri J.M. Nouwen

From dreamsrundeep's beautiful post here.

Link Soup
* Hey,Gwyn! Rare white ravens!

* Neocons on a cruise - what conservatives say when they think we aren't listening. That perfect blend of batshit crazy and scary.

* On a lighter note: here's the Ultimate D&D Gaming Cycle Flowchart.

Daily Science
MIT biochemists have identified a molecular mechanism behind fear, and successfully cured it in mice.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Got these as freebies; can't remember where/when. The store appears to be defunct. Will test them anyway.

Dreamsicle: Yep. That's a popsicle, canned-orange-juice scent and all. Very evocative, but so not me!

Merlot Wine: Very fruity, and the afterkick reminds me more of Manischewitz than of a good merlot. On, it's a bit plasticky, with the same afterkick.

Pumpkin Pie Spice: I'm not getting pumpkin in this - I'm getting a dusty mishmosh of Grandma's spice cabinet. Same thing on. It's not specifically pumpkin pie spice I'm getting here, not clove or cinnamon, but dusty old spices accumulating in a corner of the cabinet and giving an indiscrimate whiff of everything and nothing you might shake onto your food.

* Continue the office project
* Tackle the e-mail inbox, which is creeping up on 800.
* Nap!
* Date tonight. :)
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