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I'm in the tidying zone today, doing the housewifey stuff that, when done right, is invisible.

I'm equal parts introvert and extrovert. So after having a houseguest for a week, even though she's Family, my brain clicks over into "must reclaim 'song space now" mode. Hence the tidying, the little chores. Hence the need to just be solitary and quiet for a few days.


I have a date tonight; I have a friend coming over tomorrow afternoon (but we'll be watching a movie) and a date tomorrow night. And a friend hanging out with me all day Friday, but that's cool, he doesn't mind if I nap while he's here. And there's ArtBeat this weekend, and a rest and dinner with another friend afterwards.

I am thankful for my many friends! But I get tired sometimes. *laugh* I'm trying to build naptimes into my planning now, at least.

Sunday's all mine, though, mine and Adam's; we'll probably see Ratatouille. And next week's relatively unbooked, save my rheumatologist appointment - next week is when I dive into writing...

Then next Saturday is Blogathon!

And that's as far ahead as I can think. Blogathon will kill my processing system dead. Sunday post-Blogathon is for sleep and sluggish lounging. And I just can't think any farther than that.

Hm. Lunch time now.
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