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Odin's Day

Hello to returning reader rhiannonstone!


Thanks to new sponsors iangunn, setfiretolife, mllelaurel, and eustaciavye, we're now at $970.38 raised for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center! Dude, I can see $1K from here. Please let this be the day I can e-mail the people at BARCC and say "We've raised a thousand dollars for you!"

Please sponsor me!

And pass that link - and this one, which talks a bit about Blogathon and gives a list of other awesome bloggers to sponsor - around! Maybe you can sponsor me, maybe you can't. But you can tell your friends.

For those who asked: the scent was Cockaigne, the necklace was from Wearable Sculpture, the top was from Anthropologie.

(Yes, people ask.)

I have about a day and a half of writing time. Post-workout, I must get to that.

Quote of the Day
Wil Wheaton, on the formerly-proposed Foundation movie: "Right now, it seems unlikely that it will make it into production, but the fact that a studio was willing to do it gave me a Seldon Crisis in my pants."

A Seldon Crisis... in my pants.

Hi. I'll be using that now.

Link Soup
* Walk Score - how walkable is your neighborhood?
* General Carbuncle - a car covered with toy cars painted to look like the General Lee.

Link Soup, Local Edition
* Tomorrow night - Davis Square Midnight Madness, a benefit for Solutions at Work!
* This is where I'll be Friday night! Harvard Square becomes Hogwarts Square, with concerts by Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys, all manner of activities... *sigh* Damn, I wish Elayna was here.
* Free Shakespeare on the Common! Midsummer Night's Dream! Next week! Who's coming with me?
* Theatre @ First's Festival of Firsts - a night of one-act plays! July 19-28. I know at least three people involved in this production, and consider it to be most likely awesome.

Daily Science
Scientists say they have cracked a nearly eight-decade-old riddle involving the Moebius strip, a mathematical phenomenon that has also become an icon of art.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Cadmium Red: This is the intense lickable red. It's an expensive color which you only find on the finest automobile finishes, the most expensive nail lacquer, and the most high of high concepts. It is the holidays forever. Possets is bringing out their scents of colors and Cadmium Red is the first splashy beautiful of the palette. Red, it smells red in the most delicious and beguiling way. For the faint of heart who want to take heart and for the fearless who want to accentuate their glee.

In bottle: That's... shiny red. Huh.

On me: It's a very *smooth* scent, and just a bit spicy. Does actually capture the color very well.

Scented Gloves: In every perfumer's life you have to do a standard your way. Scented Gloves is at once a strict adherence to a classic formula and a wild departure which reflects popular taste with perfect pitch. Dry and sweet, unisex and either casual or formal, I can really live in Scented Gloves. I would say this one is an herbaceous floral, but you might call it a floral herbal with thoroughly modern overlays.

In bottle: Herbal, yes. Sage? What else?

On me: Light herbal. Kitchen witch. I wasn't expecting to like this one, but it's not bad!

CB: I Hate Perfum
Carrot Cake

In bottle: Guh. Yes. Cream cheese frosting!

On me: I can has carrot cake! Seriously, I'm salivating over here.

Pumpkin Pie

In bottle: Pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust!

On me: Spicy pumpkin pie - not your grandma's recipe.

I smell like Thanksgiving! *waves arms around*

* Curves.
* Clean up office so I can get to my art supplies - I'd like to make some stuff to auction next week.
* Nap!
* Write until date gets here. :)
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