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Happy birthday to the most wondrous iroshi!

Hello to new readers mirrored_echo and nursemae!

Bad plantar fasciitis/bursitis day yesterday; bad fatigue days all last week. Holding off on full-body pain for now, thank goodness - just ache.

We're up to $867.00, thanks to new sponsors nursemae, anonymous, and "tempete" (a BPAL person, maybe?)! Yay! Thank you!

Our goal is $3,000. We hit $3,400 last year, all unexpected - that goal was $1,000! But I don't want to get too cocky!

I think we can get to $1,000 today, though. To encourage you: the next three people to sponsor me will get a character-snapshot post of your favorite character.

So sponsor me!

Expect posts on:
* Why I'm blogathonning for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
* Why FedEx sucks
* Shayara stuff

Link Soup
* *gasp* So shiny.
* Weird stuff you can do with a VW bug.
* Lost Found Art.
* Cutest stun gun evar.
* Diagramming indie-band lyrics!
* Harry Potter Book 7 speculation: notes on the perfect traitor. (Spoilers for books 1-6, of course.)

Quote of the Day
"Maybe I am slightly inhuman ... All I ever wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house."
--Edward Hopper

Daily Science
SN 2006X, a Type Ia supernova that exploded 70 million light-years away from us in the galaxy M100, provides us with the first ever observed evidence that a late stage red giant star was adjacent to the star which exploded.

wcg says here: "This is important. Since it was published in 1984, Kenichi Nomoto and Stan Woosley's S7 model of white dwarf deflagration has been widely accepted as the leading theoretical model for the production of type Ia supernovae. But because it's nigh unto impossible to observe a white dwarf star in a distant galaxy, we've never had direct observational evidence to support the S7 model. SN 2006X hasn't provided that holy grail of a pre-supernova white dwarf, but it has provided something very suggestive: evidence of mass-loss from an adjacent red giant star.

Over a period of some four months, observers at the European Southern Observatory have watched the evolving spectrum of this type Ia supernova. They have seen evidence in absorption lines of a series of mass shells that the light is passing through. These shells look like the shells ejected by an asymptotic red giant star late in its life when it's undergoing significant mass loss. The thought is that the red giant star was a close binary companion of the white dwarf which blew up in the deflagration. The mass in the shells would have provided the stream of matter needed to push the mass of the white dwarf over the Chandrasekhar limit.

Given the faintness of white dwarf stars even in our own galaxy, this may be the best observational evidence in support of the S7 model that astronomers are likely to get until such time as a white dwarf within 1000 parsecs of Earth pops off."

(wcg is excellent for this sort of thing.)

Daily Scent-Stuff

Packaging note: She uses mondo-huge address labels on these; they make things difficult to read, and make the decants difficult to hold and store. I hope she changes this.

Arthur and his Knights: A manly blend of patchouli, cinnamon, balsam and a splash of bay rum

In bottle: Cinnamon-spiked bay rum!

On me: The cinnamon mingles with the balsam. The patchouli stays nicely behind. The bay rum's what decides to ride high on this one.

Black Annis: A dark and scary blend of black licorice, blackcurrant and blackberry with deep notes of cedar wood and patchouli

In bottle: All berry!

On me: All currant and berry, just a hint of licorice.

Scorpio: Chocolate coated ginger with a hint of patchouli and leather

In bottle: Eh. I think her leather note is kinda weird.

On me: Chocolatey leather that had ginger waved over it at some point. And it utterly disappears very quickly. o.O

Odin: Sweet almond and coconut with warm gingerbread and chai tea

In bottle: Almond butter cookies.

On me: Almond butter cookies with slivered almonds on top. Where's my gingerbread? Where's my chai?

Overall, I'm unimpressed. I have two more Sidhe Creations samples to try tomorrow, then I move on to some more Possets and CB: I Hate Perfume. I like Possets. I love CB: I Hate Perfume. As with BPAL, though, it's hard to know where to start! I got frimped Carrot Cake and Pumpkin Pie, I joined a decant circle for Wild Hunt (which I need a bottle of!)... but there are dozens of CB:IHP decants floating around evil_enablers, and I don't know where to jump in. *laugh*

Working day! I write. Mousie draws. I file when I'm not writing.

This is after I get back from Curves.

How was everyone's weekend?
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