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Happy birthday to the luscious enderfem, and to silme, wcg, and ysabel!

tx_db8r would have been 23 today. You are remembered, Liz.


Thanks to asim and azhure, we're up to $697! *cheers* Sponsor me, please!

Person of the day that you should sponsor (besides me): zarhooie. This'll be her second year doing Blogathon, and she's doing it for The Heifer Project again. She will be blogging from my house this year, as part of... hm. We need a team name! Oh! Team Venture! Yes. She'll be part of Team Venture, and will likely be posting pics of us all going loopy at 3 AM. Sponsor her! Then go add her Blogathon LJ, llama_go_mooo.

Link Soup
* Naked Geometry.

* Penguin backpacks!

* Sideways bike. Hell, I never even learned to ride a regular bike.

* Translating the bible into lolcat. *gigglefits* "O Hai! Werd iz."

* Interesting set of articles about faceblindness.

Daily Science
Hydrogen atom scale model.

Daily Scent-stuff
BPAL: The new 13 is live! It has florals. But it has clove and honey. *wibble*

Haute Love: Ginger, you say you want ginger? Like love it's hot and burns so beautifully! Imagine chocolate covered ginger which is forced to marry a gooey sticky sweet and all consuming center.

In bottle: Mmm, yes! That's a spicy chocolate!

On me: Smells like one of those Chocolove bars, dark chocolate with ginger chunks imbedded in it!
On Mouse: Candy floss. Weird!

Flossing: A comforting blend of gingery peppery small vanilla and wood, Flossing is very cheery and is like being the Queen in a Sewing Bee!

In bottle: There's something sweetly unpleasant going on here.

On me: I can't pinpoint it. It's just... unpleasantness lurking in the vanilla-sweetness.
On Mouse: Disappeared.

Fygmalian: Everybody loves fig, and this is fig. Fig layered with creamy fig, a shot of astringent fig, with a captivating fig musk, set against a backdrop of deepest fig.</i>

In bottle: That is, indeed,fig.

On me: Fig. Fresh fig, with greenery.
On Mouse: Sharp and unpleasant, same as BPAL's Raven.

The Persian Melon: It took some doing but I managed to tease cucumber into becoming a fruit of the Earth sort of a smell, and the melon is the kind of melon my dad used to grow on the farm, it's a cross between the All American cantaloup and the ancient and breathtakingly beautiful Persian variety which my mother would smuggle back in her luggage from trips to Turkey. No kidding, those things were like eating a perfumed sweet.

In bottle: Cucumber! Cantaloupe!

On me: Sweet melon, the gush of sticky fresh-tasting sweetness when you bite into a cantaloupe.
On Mouse: Melon go poof!, straight to cucumber.
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