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Sponsorship and linkage

* We will reopen Shayara sponsorship once we've got the website up and running. One thing at a time!

* Sponsors get listed in the Post Office, just inside the city gates. You get PO Boxes. Those can be an in-line link to whatever you like - your LJ, your business, whatever. No banner ads. This part of is an immersive environment, and advertising for other comics/businesses draws the reader's attention away from exploring the city and back to the fact that this is a comic. We want you to lose yourself in this.

* On the main comic page, we may do small banner ads off to the side, for comics like Home on the Strange. We'll have to see what makes that work. *ponders*

But the big distinction is that is a map of the city, where you can click around and find history and tradition, characters and stories and secrets. And the comic, I guess, will have to be set up more like a traditional comic. But the city part is in-character, is behind-the-scenes.
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