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Odin's Day

Hobbling and fatigued, but I'll live. *chugs coffee*

Still at $479. Sponsor me! I'll make it worth your while. :)

Those of you who are waiting til you have money: you don't have to pay til *after* the Blogathon! So go sponsor now. Pay on your August 1 paycheck. *nods*

Fellow Blogathonners: I've updated my big Blogathon post to include those who commented. If you're doing this, comment here! And tell me if you have a theme. Like boutell's movie in 24 hours. Or yunatwilight's nude pics of hot chicks (and also of me), for sponsors only.

Link Soup
* Topoware - This set made of bowls, salad plates and dinner plates see the lines reappear in playful ways to label your dining habits. Each piece adresses a different issue or poses a different question. Are you hungry, very hungry or done? Are you modest or greedy? Do you have a mom/dad or child portion?

* Skull-A-Day. Artist makes a different skull image each day for a year; he uses things like tea, old CDs, vegetables...

* How to master your e-mail inbox. I have over 750 e-mails in there. I need to be abiding by these commandments.

Daily Science
Armed with an array of increasingly sophisticated technology, including fMRIs and PET scans, investigators have begun to figure out exactly what goes wrong in the brain of an addict--which neurotransmitting chemicals are out of balance and what regions of the brain are affected. They are developing a more detailed understanding of how deeply and completely addiction can affect the brain, by hijacking memory-making processes and by exploiting emotions.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Ignis - this is the fire present in nature, a deep primordial warmth which fuels the ebb and flow, the blood in our veins, and that languorous intake of breath when one is spent; think golden, think russet, and spiced musk (in the form of ambrette) - this composition evolves through a hive of bees and their fragrant wax, warm skin, golden saffron and henna, dried spices, and blood red citrus. A dragon cloaked in ginger.

In bottle: Dragon's blood and henna.

On me: I'm *barely* getting the saffron. This is way too faint to be primal fire! Mild.

Aeris - this is the cool breeze that sweeps across a grassy meadow during the spring, and is herbaceous innocence; cool greenish blue, characterized by the cobalt of german chamomile, mossy acacia farnesiana, the honeyed monochrome of linden blossom, and the dry flowers of orris. Perfume fit for a sylph.

In bottle: I don't know that I've ever smelled orris flowers before. But I'm definitely getting some orris! And something just *weird*. Damp wood.

On me: Cool and herbal; almost medicinal, but not in a bad way.

Aquae - this is emerald green waves crashing against rocky beach littered with sun bleached driftwood, and the salty breeze; salty seaweed provides the brief shiver in a voyage at sea that drifts through the sunshine of lavender absolute, the wild grasses of vetiver, a sweet breath of burning driftwood, cool silence of rosemary, and deep green of galbanum. Mermaid eau de toilette.

In bottle: Very mild vetiver.

On me: Yep, mild vetiver. And smoke.

Altogether - meh. BPAL's scents are stronger and more complex, and actually quite a bit cheaper. I like Hekate, but I don't think I'll be shopping at Mandrake in the future.

Now I go shower and fetch Mouse from the airport! (Flight delay. Nyargh.)
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