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*tired stretch*

* Lunch with mllelaurel, who knew nothing of Shayara, and was willing to let me ramble. This is good. Not just because I like to talk about my world, but because I need to make sure I've patched up any holes. A new set of eyes = most excellent. Do ask questions! (Also, mllelaurel's nifty, and a comics geek!)

* Got home just in time to welcome mgrasso, who came over to help me get the house in shape. We ended up punctuating our housecleaning with cold-pizza breaks and an impromptu cheesecake photo session. (Didn't realize til later that I should've put some makeup on - red lipstick would've looked nice with the red bra! Ah well. I was exhausted.)

* Took a quick jaunt out to Diesel. We hadn't been sure if we were going, both of us being so worn out - but we're both glad we did. It is good to go someplace and have people that happy to see you. :) Plus, we deserved it. Dude, Elayna's room is looking pretty good. And the reading room is all kinds of in order.

* Picking Mouse up at the airport at 6 AM tomorrow. We can go see Harry Potter if we get work done. *nod*
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