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Tew's Day

Ugh. Feet are really bad, a delayed reaction to walking around the con. I alternated them in the splint last night, and will do the rolling-tennis-balls-with-my-feet thing today.

Up to $479, thanks to enderfem & chemokitty, sitaangel, and boutell (who may or may not have written a song about me)! Thanks, guys! :)

Yes, I will keep poking about this. You should sponsor me. That would make me happy.

Also, you should donate something to be auctioned, and you should let me know if you're doing Blogathon yourself - comment on the top post on my LJ with your blog, charity link, and sponsorship link, and I'll edit you in.

Mouse arrives on tonight's redeye, and I'm in a tizzy getting everything ready. Must at least have Elayna's room suitable for habitation. Still coming down from Con headspace, too. I may or may not make it out to Diesel tonight; I miss everyone, but I have a house to spring-clean, a website to finalize, my wife to kill, Guilder to frame for it... I'm swamped.

Just plan on me not being around for a week. :) Mouse and I are sequestering ourselves to Make Shayara Happen; we will only be emerging when we are burnt out and/or sick of each other. Maybe we will do a brunch thing. But just plan for us diving deep into story and not emerging a whole lot.

Link Soup
* a seed of a pen- at the top of the pencil sits a seed. when the pencil gets too small you plant it.

* Wall piano! There are two microphones attached on the wall surface. Those microphones are acting like human ears for the computer. Therefore, the computer is able to hear people who tap/bang on the wall. The program that I made could translate those hits into piano keys. It all depends on how hard you hit the wall. The lower key will be produced when you hit it harder; and the higher key will be produced when you hit it softer. Just like every other modern piano, it has 88 keys.

* New Critters - a blog chronicling the discovery of new species!

* New Rilo Kiley video. Jenny Lewis with a riding crop.

* The Periodic Table of the Internet.

* The Veidt Method - viral marketing for the Watchmen movie?

Daily Science
Chemistry comes alive!

Daily BPAL Scent-stuff

Demeter - deep roasted coffee announces the top tonalities of rose and jasmine flying off of warm skin, and as it wanes the bittersweet character of the cocoa bean comes up. Chocolate and musky ambrette play off of the sweet ambery incense of labdanum, coasting into a powdery dryout of myrrh

In bottle: Florals, and a smidge of chocolate. Where's my coffee?

On me: Chocolate + jasmine = weird and not me.

Hekate - blue lotus breathes and whispers florals into a woodsy and earthy heart of spikenard and sage tempered with rose. The attar and the frankincense are the incense smoldering in the censer, while the flowers and sage waft into the atmosphere.

In bottle: Mmm, sagey!

On me: This is very herbal, mostly sage. Really nice.

Thriae: warm yet fruited brightness, honey tones embellished and supported by rooibos tea, champaca flower, carob, jasmine sambac, and carrot seed; a hint of cassis fortifies the fruit native to honey and beeswax absolute, and vanilla brings the composition together with its sheer softness

In bottle: Very bright, with a tiny bit of greenery.

On me: Not getting honey. Getting tea and carrot. This is an oddment, and I'm not sure I like it.

I'm sure I don't like Demeter, though.

Curves, shower, meeting mllelaurel for lunch, cleaning up around the house and doing website-prep stuff. If anyone's driving my way to Diesel, I could go, but I think the T'll be too time-consuming; Elayna's room needs work.
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