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Happy birthday to kyranjaye!

Hello to new readers brak55, prdct, and rmcoburn, and returning reader blubeagle!

Stiff, achy, and miserable. I had mini-naps every day (I think), but sometimes I think a mini-nap is worse than no nap at all. Those of you who saw me when I was sluggish and slurring my words? That would be the hour or so after a mini-nap, where the body is going "Dude, no, seriously, we were only half done here; it takes more time than that to finish repairs and stow the kit".

Woke up today and forced myself to straighten up in Elayna's reading room before allowing myself down for coffee. Ugh.

And I'd forgotten - today is IUD Removal Day. I know this is going to hurt. I don't know how much. I am prepared to spend the rest of the day watching season one of Eureka with my feet up and a heating pad on my belly.

Thanks to [Bad username: celticfeminist20], talix18, lordlnyc, gwynraven, katster, and thisdaydreamer, I'm up to $344! Remember - sponsor me now! The money goes to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center; they're aware of this and are gushing over your generosity via e-mail. :) You can spread the link far and wide even if you can't sponsor - please do!

ReaderCon Overall
Great guests. Some excellent panels. Some shitty panels - basically, the things the programming folks weren't interested in got a cursory "Yeah, sure, that's fine", it feels like. So core programming was really great, but out there on the theoretical fringe, we were screwed. More details later. Deserves its own post! But overall, yes, Adam and I will probably come back next year.

Yes, I'll be filling out the feedback form.

Oi, Bostonians!
Free lecture series on genetics and genomics! Schedule here. Wednesday nights. Mouse will be here that first Wednesday, but I can - and likely will - go to the others.

Link Soup
* The origin of everyday punctuation marks.

* Queen Anne's Lace. Just because.

There was more, but I had a browser crash. Lost my links. :(

Daily Science
t’s a common fantasy to imagine that you’re the last person left alive on earth. But what if all human beings were suddenly whisked off the planet? That premise is the starting point for The World without Us, a new book by science writer Alan Weisman, an associate professor of journalism at the University of Arizona. In this extended thought experiment, Weisman does not specify exactly what finishes off Homo sapiens; instead he simply assumes the abrupt disappearance of our species and projects the sequence of events that would most likely occur in the years, decades and centuries afterward.

Daily BPAL

Skuld: Ylang ylang, honey, Egyptian and Arabian musks and labdanum.

In bottle: Definitely the honey!

On me: And the ylang ylang swallows it whole. *sigh*

Tum: [no notes in description]

In bottle: felisdemens is right. You could train cadaver dogs with this.

On me: Sweet, sweet decomp.

Maiden: A gentle vision of purity, goodness and virtue: white tea, carnation and Damask Rose.

In bottle: Very *faint*.

On me: Seriously faint. Barely there at all.

Hexennacht: This perfume is the scent of the witches' revel: German fir and forest herbs, incense and bonfire smoke, and the wet, glimmering scent of skin warmed by dance.

In bottle: Mmmm, trees...

On me: Soft herbal, with the sharpness of fir lingering behind. Skin musk. The beginnings of a fire. Ah, yes. This one is spot on the description. :)

*updates swap/sale post*

Got a CnS for my Leo/Gibbous Moon order, so there should be more BPAl reviews soon; in the meantime, though, I'm shifting to Mandrake Apothecary tomorrow.
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