Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

*cozy settle-in*

* Have managed to not go all fangirly over anyone today. Even Peter Watts, who I started chatting up before I realized that he was Peter Watts. (I did have a quiet squee afterward, though.)

* Panels attended: The Slipstream/Magic Realism Canon (but slipped out partway through for a nap), The Retold Fairy or Folk Tale, and Young (and Very Young) Adult F & SF. Readings attended: Sonya Taaffe and catvalente.

* People we bump into like every five minutes: Elizabeth Bear, Greer Gilman, Miss Anna Sunshine, rosefox and sinboy, ian_gunn, pseydtonne.

* Books purchased: Oh, hell. I am not doing that much typing. I've been wearing my therapeutic hand mitts all day anyway.

* T-shirt purchased: The one everyone at Arisia asked me if I bought there because I should totally own it: the one with two d20s on it, both on 20, with the text "Yes, they're natural". ;) I bow to the inevitable.

Adam, Ian, and ckd are gaming as I type; we all needed a break from sitting around. :)

A note - and this is going on the feedback form! - when your con only has three science panels total, do not schedule two of them against each other. I don't want to choose between The Other Sciences in Hard SF and Extreme Brain States & Brains. There are no science panels today or tomorrow; they're all on Sunday, and those two against each other. That's just bad planning. Adam has pointed out that I'm the science geek here with a group of humanities geeks; that was weird to accept, as I would have classified myself as a humanities geek in my should've-been-in-college years. The science geekery - to the level it's reached - is fairly new, dating from the dawn of my body's betrayal (*staples hand to forehead*).

Now I go sort my shiny new books.
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