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Blogathon 2007

Post-Blogathon edit, 8/6/07: We've raised over $3,600 so far for BARCC! Still tallying donations from photo auctions. Thank you guys so much!

Sponsor me!

I'll be participating in Blogathon 2007 on July 28. From 9 AM Saturday to 9 AM Sunday, I'll be blogging tirelessly to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, writing a piece of flash fiction every half hour (inspired by your one-word writing prompts!) for 24 hours. Trust me - this is even harder than it looks. This is my eXtreme sport. :)

What you do
* Sponsor me!
* You'll get an e-mail after the Blogathon confirming that I did it (yes, they check during the 'thon!).
* You pay!

I'm auctioning off exquisite jewelry, art, et cetera to benefit BARCC - click here to go shopping!

What I do
* Type my ass off.
* Give you a Blogathon Incentive - Mouse and I are discussing what cool Shayara thing we can do for you.

How you can help
* Sponsor me! *laugh*
* Donate crafts, books, whatever you do to be auctioned to benefit BARCC.
* If you're local, come by and feed and entertain me. :)
* Give me writing prompts! Yes, in this post.

In past years, I've blogged for RAINN. I still have a deep commitment to RAINN! But they get a lot more attention and funding than smaller, local crisis centers. And BARCC's a good one. They maintain a phone hotline, send volunteers to help survivors in the hospital, through the rape kit, and they have a speaker's bureau that goes to schools, businesses, everywhere, to speak out against rape and sexual assault - to show what it does, to try to nip it in the bud.

This is the kind of organization that runs on a shoestring budget. We raised $3,400 for RAINN last year. Can you imagine what that would do for a smaller crisis center? It would be huge. It would be amazing. It would allow them to do exponentially more.

Be amazing. Do this for me, for yourself, for your sister or mother, daughter or friend. Do it because they deserve it.

Sponsor me!

And here are some other people you can sponsor! (Italicized people are blogging at my house as Team Venture!)

* aurora_lamour is blogging at ecrite_lamour for the National Alliance for Mental Health - sponsor her!
* bettybaker is blogging for the Breast Cancer 3-Day - sponsor her!
* blitheandbonny is blogging at her Vox for Equality Alabama - sponsor her! (Grand total: $224.00!)
* boutell is blogging over at - um, YouTube, actually! He's making a movie in 24 hours, to benefit Doctors Without Borders - sponsor him!
* irana is blogging for NARSAD - The Mental Health Research Association - sponsor her!
* lordandrei is blogging for Planned Parenthood - sponsor him!
* mllelaurel is blogging for Planned Parenthood - sponsor her!
* fiddle_dragon and songwind are blogging over at dragonsfordvs, for the Dakota Valley Symphony - click here to sponsor them!
* rafaela is blogging at star_barnkitty for Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding - sponsor her! (Grand total: $343.32!)
* rhiannonstone is blogging for San Francisco Sex Information - sponsor her!
* seimaisin is blogging at Consequence Free for Angel Foundation - sponsor her! (Grand total: $803!)
* shadowwolf13 is blogging for Spiral Scouts - sponsor her!
* slipjig is blogging for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - sponsor him! (Grand total: $476.59!)
* spoothbrush is blogging for Doctors Without Borders - sponsor her!
* sylverice2 is blogging for International Myeloma Foundation - sponsor her!
* thesilentpoet is blogging for St Jude's Research Hospital - sponsor her!
* wired_lizard is blogging for The Heifer Project - sponsor her!
* yunatwilight is blogging for The AIDS Research Alliance - sponsor her!
* zarhooie is blogging at llama_go_mooo for The Heifer Project - sponsor her!
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