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Happy birthday to internet_addict!

Hello to new reader puddin666!

I am no longer allowed to attend panels longer than the usual 50 minutes in length. The hour-and-a-half-long panel last night got me all stiff and ouchy. With back-to-back panels, I *must* stretch between.

Otherwise... not too bad. The Mobic/Robaxin combo may actually be working.

Fun so far! I just wish we could've gotten programs last night. *Is itching to plot out her weekend*

Sponsor me! I'm at $91 right now, thanks to the generosity of whitecrow0, sylverice2, yesthatjill, spoothbrush, and someone whose name I don't recognize! I raised over $3,000 last year, and I'm looking to beat that this year. :)

EDIT: Big Blogathon post up! That'll sit on top of my LJ til the 'thon's over, to make it easy for you to drop by and give me one-word prompts, or pimp this to your friendslists. Hint. Hint.

Play with us!
LARP troupe The Immortal Sociopaths is recruiting - for a fun fluffy Harry Potter one-shot, and for an intense long-running sci-fi... umm... well, here's the precis: "Project DIANA" is a campaign for [REDACTED] players plus guest stars set in a world of alien astronauts, shadowy conspiracies, unknown powers, psionic travel, covert war and workplace romance, inspired by Torchwood, The X-Files, Philip K. Dick, Alfred Bester, Ian Fleming, Richard Marcinko and H.P. Lovecraft. It consists of five episodes with the potential for continuation afterwards. Assuming any of you survive. Project DIANA is recruiting for continuing roles and for guest stars, so if you can only do one game, that's okay, just let her know. :)

Daily Science
From the new blog Neurophilosophy: Diagnosing Dostoyevsky's epilepsy.
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